Passports and Visas:

This information is to assit you with your travel arrangements. Spiritual Journeys does not make any claims about the veracity of this information. Further, various governments keep changing their processes, so this information could very well be out of date when you read it. It was correct as of 18 Jan 2021.

VISITING INDIA: In all liklihood, you will need a valid passport and a visa to enter India. It is STRONGLY recommended that you apply for a visa FOUR weeks prior to departure. Equally, do not apply too early as you might find that your visa has expired before you arrive!


While you should be able to get your Visa within two weeks, we HIGHLY reccommend you apply for your Visa six weeks prior to arriving into India.

For residents of the USA:

For residents of Mexico: Visas will be issued by an online application only - see the Indian Embassy in Mexico.

For residents of Canada: Visas will be issued depending on where one resides, and this is available from

For residents of other countries: Please contact the Indian Embassy in your Country.


VISITING THAILAND: Check with the Royal Thai Embassy in your country if you will need a visa to enter Thailand.


TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend that you get adequate travel insurance when traveling overseas. Please use the service provider you are comfortable with. CSA Travel Protection is a provider of travel insurance.