Yoga Symbols
An intriguing and visual perspective on Yoga.
The Ayurveda Conference
Attend The next Ayurveda Conference in India. An illustrious set of conferences held every two years with the first one being held in 2006. World known physicians such as Robert Svoboda, Deepak Chopra, David Frawley, Claudia Welch, Hari Sharma and others have presented, motivated and inspired students of Ayurveda to study and apply this great science in its authentic totality. Be a part of the forum to create unity between Ayurveda advocates and encourage a spirit of support and shared insights.
Ayurveda Elements
For excellent help, advice and treatment based on Ayurveda in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra (Australia).

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend that you get adequate travel insurance when traveling overseas. Please use the service provider you are comfortable with, though we use CSA Travel Protection.
Spiritual HQ Spiritual HQ: A categorized resource directory for everything spiritual.
Cry Inc CRY Inc. is a registered non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization. Its chief objectives are to restore to children their basic rights to food, shelter and education - in short, a future!
Academic Info: India Studies
Academic Info: India Studies.  An annotated directory of educational resources for the study of India.
Travel Tips
A comprehensive source on travel tips especially for the overseas and long distance traveller.