Glossary & Index
Glossary and Index of important words, Gods, Goddesses and places used in this web-site
Aarti A religious ceremony, paying respect to the Gods or welcoming an individual
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Agra City of the Taj Mahal
Ahmedabad City famous for textiles and a Jewish presence
Akber Greatest (3rd) Mughul Emperor, 1542-1605
Allahabad Ancient North Indian city at the confluence of three rivers
Alleppey Small city in the state of Kerela
Amritsar The most important city of the Sikhs
Anandpur Sahib One of the great gurudwars of Sikhism, where the "Khalsa" was born
Angkor Great temple city in Cambodia
Arjun Dev 5th Sikh guru, 1563-1606
Ashoka Chander Gupta's grandson, c304 - 232 BC.
Atharvaveda One of the four Vedas, or "Books of Knowledge"
Aurangabad Gateway city to Ajanta and Ellora Caves
Aurangzeb Last great mughul emperor, 1618-1707, son of Shah Jahan, destroyer of Hindu temples
Avalokitesvara Buddha of compassion.  Dalai Lama is considered his reincarnation
Ayurveda Medical treatment originated in India
Ayuthaya Ancient capital city of Thailand
Badrinath One of four holi places, the Chardham, 10,000 feet up in the Himalayas
Bahá'í Faith Religion founded by Bahá'u'lláh in 1844 in Iran
Bahá'u'lláh Founder of the Bahá'í religion
Banaras Anglicized name for Varanasi
Bandhavgarh 450 sq km National Park in Madhya Pradesh, home of the White Tigers of Rewa
Bangalore South Indian city, now famous for software development
Bangkok Capital city of Thailand
Bardoli Important city for India's struggle for independence
Baroli 9th Cent Temple-Complex in Rajasthan
Bene-Israel Sons of Israel, early Jewish settlers into India
Bharatpur 30 sq km National Park, one of the finest water-bird sanctuaries in the world, near Agra
Bhopal City of the largest mosque in India
Bhubaneswar Capital City of state of Orissa
Bodh Gaya City where Buddha gained enlightenment
Brahma Creator, one of three Gods together with Vishnu and Shiva
Bhramaputra River 2900 km long river starting in Tibet, flowing through India and emptying in Bangladesh
Buddhism 2500 year-old religion founded by Buddha
Calcutta Previous commercial capital of India. Now Kolkatta. Important for Judaism
Chambal Sanctuary A wild life reserve near Agra
Cambodia On our Thailand tour itinerary
Chander Gupta First Mauryan emperor, c321-c297 BC
Chandigarh City in North India, designed by Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier
Chardham Four holy sites, high up in the Himalayas (north India)
Chennai South Indian city. St Thomas is buried here
Chiang Mai North Thailand city known for her temples
Chiang Rai North Thailand city close to the borders of Burma and Laos
Chitor Fortress-city in Rajasthan with a tragic history
Christianity History in India
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Cochin South Indian city. Home of the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth
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Corbett 1,200 sq km National Park where Project Tiger was launched
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Cruises, All All the cruises on India's mighty rivers being offered by us
Cruise, Brahmaputra Cruise, wildlife and India's important Tantric temples
Cruise, Ganga, Long 14-days either up-, or down-river India's Holy river
Cruise, Ganga, Short 3-days on India's holy river
Cruise, Hugli, Long 10-days on the Hugli
Cruise, Hugli, Short 6-days on the Hugli
Cruise, Sunderbans Sunderbans, home of India's Bengal Tiger
Cuisine India is well known for her cuisine with many cuisine-centric tours packaged.
Customs Commonly found and universally practiced customs in India
Dalai Lama, HH Spiritual and temporal head of the people of Tibet
Dandi Beach-city where Gandhi broke the Salt Tax Law
Darwaza Door
Delhi Capital city
Devigargh Desolate fort-town in Rajasthan
Dharamsala Town of residence of HH the Dalai Lama, & government in exile of Tibet.
Dhoti Mans loose sarong like dress.
Dialogues A series of conversatios with personalities who have exemplified spirituality in the Indian sub-continent or have a deep knowledge of the wealth of India in arts, sciences, medicine, architecture, textiles, cuisine & religion.
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Diwali Important festival in India, the Festival of Lights
Dudhwa 500 sq km National Park in the Indo-Nepalese border
Durga Parvati who can change into Kali or Durga
Dussehra Hindu festival signiyfying triumph of good over evil
Dwarka Ancient city in Gujarat closely associated with Lord Krishna.
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Faridkot A small town in the Punjab with a Royal heritage
Fatehpur Sikri Capital city of Akbar's empire
Ganesh God with an elephant's head, son of Shiva and Parvati
Gangotri Source of the River Ganaga, one fo the Chardham
Ganga Ma Goddess of river Ganges
Ganpati Another name for Ganesh
Gautama Buddha's family name
Ghats Multi-use river-side place
Gir 1400 sq km National Park, home of the Asiatic Lion
Glossary Terms used in this web-site
Goa Resort-state renowned for its beaches,temples, churches and old homes
Gobind Singh Last living Sikh guru, 1666-1708
Gopal Another name for Krishna
Granth Sahib Current guru of Sikhism
Guides Information about our guides
Gujarat State in western India
Guru Teacher or learned one
Gurudwara Place (temple) of worship for the Sikhs
Hanuman God who the head of an ape, also affectionately called a "Monkey-God"
Hargobind 6th Sikh guru, 1595-1644
Haridwar Holy city at the base of the Himalayas where the holy Ganges enters the plains
Hemkund Sahib Sikh Gurudwara at 15,000 feet in the Haimalays
Hindu Gods, list A partial (WORK-IN-PROGRESS) list of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Pl let me have your edits/corrections/additions
Hinduism Age-old philosophy turned religion
Holi Festival of color
Hyderabad Central Indian city. Famous for Golkonda Fort
Inder King of the Gods
Internet in India Accessibility to the www while in India
Islam History of Islam in India
Jagpur Mentioned in the Mahabharata where Brahma performed a sacrifice
Jahangir Son of Akbar, 4th Mughul emperor, 1569-1627
Jainism 2500 year old religion of the Jains
Jaipur City near Delhi, famed for her palaces and forts
Jaiselmer Palace town in the desert of Rajasthan
Jhalamand Garh Palace-hotel in the desert of Rajasthan
Jhansi Important Fort in Madhya Pradesh
Jodhpur Palace town in the desert of Rajasthan
Judaism History of Judaism in India
Kachh Underpants. One of 5 "k's" of Sikhism.
Kailash, Mount 6,741 m (22,000 ft) high mountain, important to Hindus and Buddhists
Kali Parvati who can change into Kali or Durga
Kalingar Small fort-town with a historic 1,000 year fort
Kangha Comb. One of 5 "k's" of Sikhism
Kanha 2,000 sq km National Park in Madhya Pradesh, inspiration to Kipling's "Jungle Book"
Kara Steel bangle. One of 5 "k's" of Sikhism
Kaziranga 430 sq km National Park in Assam, home of the one-horned Indian Rhino
Kedarnath At 11,760 feet, highest one of the Chardham
Kerala State in south-west India
Kesh Uncut hair. One of 5 "k's" of Sikhism.
Khagyuh Collections of sacred texts, considered direct teachings of Buddha.
Khajuraho 1000 year old temple City
Khejarla Fort Khejarla, a desert town near Jodhpur
Killing Field Area in Cambodia where 2 million people were killed in the mid 1970s
Kirpan Short sword or dagger. One of 5 "k's" of Sikhism
Kishan Another name for Krishna
Kochi City in state of Kerala
Kodungalloor Port in Kerala
Kolkata Previous commercial capital of India. Previously Calcutta. Important for Judaism.
Konark Sun Temple of Konark in Orissa. Also the "Black Pagoda"
Kota A princely State of the Rajput Chauhan clan
Krishna Reincarnation of Vishnu
Kumbh Mela A major gathering of holy people in Prayag (Allahabad), Nasik, Haridwar and Ujjain
Kushinager City where Buddha died
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth and prosperity, consort of Vishnu
Lesser Known Religions Comments about other religions in India
Lhasa Capital city of Tibet
Links Links to like minded web-sites
Lumbini City where Buddha was born
Madhya Pradesh State in central India
Madurai South Indian city, home to the beautiful Meenakshi Temple
Mahadev Another name for Shiva
Maharana A ruler's title, meaning "Great Warrior"
Mahavira Founder of Jainism, c. 599 - 527 BC
Mahesh Another name for Shiva
Maheshwar Exquisite Temple-Palace
Mahoba A small town with 1,000 year old temples and lakes
Manas 360 sq km Wild Life Sanctuary in Assam
Mandir Place (temple) of worship for the Hindus
Manvar Desert Camp of deluxe tents in the dunes of the Great Thar Desert, offering folk music & dance
Mandu Serene city of joy
Mandawa A remote feudal principality in the centre of the Shekhawati region.
Money Money, cash and travellers cheques in India
Mumbai Commercial capital of India
Mumtaz Mahal Wife of Shah Jahan
Mysore South Indian city famous for the huge palace
Nagarhole 640 sq km National Park in Karnataka, part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, with the river Kabini flowing through it
Namdapha 1850 sq km National Park in Arunachal Pradesh, elevation range from 200m to 4500m
Nanak Founder and first guru of Sikhism,1469-1539
Nandi Bull, Shiva's carrier
Narsimha Reincarnation of Vishnu
Natraj Another name for Shiva
Nepal Brief information about Nepal
Nepal Cuisine The variety of cuisine of such a small country as Nepal
Omkareshwar Island-temple in Central India
Orcha City of Palaces & temples
Orissa Previously Kalinga. Home to temples of Konark and Puri
Osian Camel safari town in Rajasthan
Paan An after-meal mouth freshner
Packing List Reminder list for your packing
Padmasambhava 8th cent. Indian who introduced Buddhism to Tibet
Panchakarma Specific treatment based on Ayurveda
Panna 550 sq km National Park near Khajuraho
Parsis People originally from Persia, now Iran.  Followers of Zoroasrianism
Parsuram Reincarnation of Vishnu
Parvati Consort of Shiva, also worshipped as Kali or Durga
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Patna City of birth of Mahavira
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Periyar 780 sq km National Park in Kerala with a 55 sq km lake
Phnom Penh Capital city of Cambodia
Pictures - previous Tours Collection of pictures from our previous tours
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary A wild life sanctuary in North East Indian state of Assam with the highest density of the Great One Horned Indian Rhinoceroses
Pondicherry An old French colony coastal town, made famous by Sri Auribindo
Poona Western India city, home of OSHO
Porbander City of Gandhi's birth
Prithvi Goddess of earth
Prepare for Tour Work list prior to your Tour
Puri An important temple town in Orissa, home of the Jagannath Temple
Pushkar Annual camel market in Rajasthan
Quotes About India What others have said about India
Rajasthan Western Indian state, home of the brave Rajputs
Rajkot City where Gandhi spent his youth
Ram Das 4th Sikh guru, 1534-1581
Rama Reincarnation of Vishnu
Ranakpur Intricately carved Jain temple between Jodhpur & Udaipur
Ranthambore 400 sq km 11th. century National Park in Rajasthan
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Rigveda One of the four Vedas, or "Books of Knowledge"
Rishikesh Holy city located in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the banks of the Ganges
River Kwai River joining Thailand to Burma made famous during World War II
Samaveda One of the four Vedas, or "Books of Knowledge"
Samundra Lord of the sea
Sanchi Buddhist monasteries
Sarasvati Goddess of learning, consort of Brahma
Sari Women's loose 6-yard long dress
Sariska 800 sq km Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary near Delhi
Sarnath City where Buddha gave his first sermon
Satis Widows who jumped into their husbands pyre
Satna Small temple-town in Rajasthan
Satyagraha Insistence and adherence to truth, in a non-violent manner
Shah Jahan Son of Jahangir, a great builder, 5th mughul emperor, 1592-1666
Shakti Goddess of strength
Shankar Another name for Shiva
Shiva Destroyer, one of three Gods together with Brahma and Vishnu
Shiva-Lingham Unique stone design connected to Shiva
Shopping Shopping in India and other ways to spend your money
Shyam Another name for Krishna
Siddhartha Buddha's given first name
Sikh Gurus & History Sikh Gurus & a brief history of the Sikhs
Sikhism Religion founded by Nanak, institutionalised by Gobind on 13 April 1699 at Anandpur
spiritual journeys What others have said about journeys that are spiritual
Spirituality in India Comments on Spirituality in India
Spirituality vs. Religion Differences between spirituality and religion
Sravanabelagola 58 foot, 8 inch statue of Sri Gomatheswar up on a granite hill near Mysore, carved between 978-993 AD
St. Thomas An Apostle of Christianity
Step Wells A well of water where water can be collected by walking to the water surface.
Stupas Solid earth Buddhist monuments
Suggested Reading Small selection of book
Sunderban 1330 sq km National Park in Bengal, home of the Royal Bengal man-eating Tiger
Sunsaan A private hotel on the banks of the Jamuna, near Dehradun
Surya Lord of sun
Taj Mahal Mumtaz Mahal's mausoleum
Talks Included Description of talks included in the tour
Tantric Temples Important Tantric and Yogini Temples
Telephones in India How best to make and receive phone calls while in India
Tengyur Commentaries on the Khagyur by Indian & Tibetan scholars
Testimonials What clients have said about Spiritual Journeys, Inc.
Textiles About the rich and varied history of textiles from India
Thailand "Land of Smiles", South East Asian Country with a rich past
Tibet Weather Best time to visit Tibet
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Tour not includes What is not included in the tour
Traffic in India Comments about traffic in India
Train Travel Traveling by train in India in the one of the largest train networks in the world
Travel Insurance Travel insurance is always reccommended
Travel Tips - Cambodia Tips to make your tour in Cambodia comfortable
Travel Tips - India Tips to make your tour in India comfortable
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Udaipur Rajasthan city, called the City of Lakes
Udaygiri 2000 year old cave sculptures
Varanasi One of the oldest living cities
Vishnu Preserver, one of three Gods together with Brahma and Shiva
Vrindavan Hindu holy city, birthplace of Lord Krishna
Wildlife in India Wildlife in India with a listing of many sanctuaries
Yajurveda One of the four Vedas, or "Books of Knowledge"
Yamuna River, flowing through Delhi and Agra
Yamunotri Source of the River Yamuna, one of India's Chardham
Yoga The science of mind/body fullfillment
Yogini Temples Important Tantric and Yogini Temples
Zarathustra Founder of Zoroastrianism, 6th.c BC
Zoroastrianism 3000 year old religion founded by King Zarathustra