Kochi (previously called Cochin):  Visit the Mattancherry Dutch Palace, built Cochin Stamp.jpg (99883 bytes)by the Portuguese in 1555 and renovated by the Dutch in 1663. In the ancient rooms are 17th century murals that relate in vibrant color the story of the epic Ramayana. A Jewish Synagogue in Jew Town – the first Jews came to Kerala about 600 BC. See streets of picture-postcard houses out of another age, in 17th century Dutch and traditional Kerala styles. Visit St. Francis Church, the oldest European Church in India. It has several antiquities including a wealth of records. These include a palm-leaf title deed the local Raja gave the Portuguese in 1503. See the Chinese Fishing Nets, unique to this part of Kerala and living symbols of a centuries-old Chinese influence on this coast. Kathakali Dance performance at a local theatre.