Kota:  Kota and Bundi were the two great Princely States of the Rajput Chauhan clan - their region is known as Haraoti. The former states are both noted for brave warrior maharajas and outstanding miniature paintings, often featuring rampaging elephants. Parts of this area haven't changed much since medieaval times, but Kota itself has become the industrial center of the region. The Museum here holds wonderful things!

Menal: 9-11th century temples around a dramatic gorge, the major one to
Shiva Maha Naleshvara. There was a Hindu Math [monastery] here. The oldest stuctures belong to the Pratihara dynasty, the later ones, to the Chauhan Rajputs. Visiting this site has been
highly recommended.

Mandalgarh: One of the great forts of Rajasthan. Held by the rulers of Mewar, the Sisodia clan, they of the rarest Rajput pedigree - descended from the sun. This was one of the high citadels in Rana Kumbha's line of defense. Temple and ruins are to be seen.

Nagari: Farthest point into India reached by Alexander the Great¹s troops. He'd headed back to Babylon, but his followers got lost wandering in the hills East of the Indus River, 4th century BC. Also there is said to have been a battle here between the Greek Menander and the native Shunga king. Nagari was once the capital of the region, now in ruins. There are traces of a Vedic Vataka, a stone shrine, the oldest one found so far.