JHALAMAND GARHJhalamand garh was constructed in the 18th century just 10 kms from Jodhpur. Today it is run as a hotel and managed by the Jhalamand royal family itself, offering a unique opportunity to see a traditional Rajput home and participate in their customs.  Out in the desert, enjoy Kalbelia Tribal dances, Folk music, Folk dances while we sit around a log wood fire.  Beautiful arched verandahs surround the open air dining hall where an aroma of delicately spiced food wafts over from the royal kitchens. Every recipe is traditional, handed down the generations.

Guda Bishnoi Lake is just 15 minutes drive from the hotel. It is a wild life sanctuary for Black bucks, Chinkaras, Blue bulls, Desert fox, Hares, Partridges, Grouse etc.