Baroli: Baroli, near Rawatbhata, has one of the oldest, loveliest and most spectacular temple complexes in Rajasthan, built in the Gupta style of architecture, between the 9th and 12th century AD. The ‘Bell Temple’ complex, and other temples, with graceful stone images of nymphs and deities, were built before the classical period of temple building. The carvings and the figure of Natraj, Shiva as cosmic dancer, on the door of the mandap are bewitching. Unfortunately these temples were vandalized by the Muslim invaders but the remains of the temples are still present.

Rana Pratap Sagar: Created in the 1950s - a very large reservoir damming the Chambal & Gunjali Rivers -- resulting in an enormous sheet of water in a very dry land. There should be birds - a local guide could show us the best birding sites and ancient places on their shores. Both these places are part of Chittaurgarh district. Bhainsrodgarh, on the right bank of the Chambal river, has wonderful natural surroundings and a whole village is established in the fort. On the way, the ancient temple of Goparnath Mahadev can be visited.

Bhainsrorgarh: An impregnable fort, inhabited from at least the 2nd cen. BC, dramatically positioned between two rivers. It had passed through the hands of several clans before becoming the seat of a premier noble of Mewar, the large region around Udaipur, Princely State of the exalted Sisodia clan before Independence. It contains 5 tanks, temples to Devi Bhim Chauri, Shiva, and Ganesh and a palace that is presently for rent! Legend connects this place with the marriage of the Mahabharata hero, Bhima to the lovely demoness, Hidamba. Court life here was known for its poisonings, often put in a paan [betelnut digestif]. Several excellent stone murtis [sculptures] are mentioned in old architectual texts as being here, but they may have been sent to museums. One, a sleeping Vishnu, was considered by an early British archaeologist to be the most beautiful of all Hindu sculptures. Also a set of ‘the 8 Mothers’ and a Trimurti [3 faced image]. Let’s hope they’re still here!