You need to prepare weeks prior to your tour, before you start with your packing list.

6-Weeks prior
Arrange Health Insurance
Arrange pet care
Arrange plant care
Arrange Travel Insurance
Check expiration date of passport
Get maps
Obtain Visa
Purchase airline tickets
Review tax returns

2-Weeks prior

Balance your bank account
Change money
Check air miles
Check health insurance
Check pet care
Check plant care
Check travel insurance
Complete tax returns
Confirm airline tickets
Get maps
Pay necessary bills
Store easy to steal items

1-Day prior
Clean clothes
Clean dishes
Empty all trash cans
Empty all water containers
Empty fridge of perishables
Empty your wallet
Forward/hold newspaper / mail delivery
Install or recharge batteries
Leave expensive watches and jewelry at home
Memorize essential PIN codes
Set home thermostats to "Hold"
Turn down water temperature
Unplug electricals