Cuisine of Nepal
Contrasting influences of Nepalís neighbours together with her being landlocked, and mountainous terrain create a complex cultural synthesis in the form of cuisine, ethnicity and religion, deriving the complexities from India in the south, Tibet in the north and the exotic Chinese beyond manifests in the lively interaction of the remarkably diverse Nepali ethnic groups and religious traditions. Tastes from India, Tibet and China, together with the high Himalayas create exotic specialties, both fiery as well as mild.

While in Nepal, consider some of the local staple foods.

Dal Bhat, mainly rice served along with lentil soup and vegetable curry or chicken (or meat). This meal is the most beloved one amongst Nepali people as it's wholesome and provides with the needed nutrition.

Momos, are small envelopes of white flour stuffed with vegetables or minced meat, served with different kinds of sauces, making a delicious snack.

Wo or Bara is a kind of pancakes made by the Newari people of Nepal. The Newaris are an indigenous group of locals in the Kathmandu valley. Wo is made with ground lentil (green or black) batter during the 'Sithi Nakha', a Newari festival. These Dal patties are light and perfect for snacks. For non-vegetarians, Bara can also be added with minced chicken and battered egg.

Sel Roti is a fusion of doughnut and bagel, one of the most sought after snack in Nepal during festivals like Tihar and Dashain. It is a circular rice flour bread which is deeply fried to make it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is crispy and sweet and tastes best with yoghurt or veggies.

While samosas are typically an Indian delicacy, they are common in Nepal as well, a mixture of mashed potato and spices stuffed in a triangular envelope made of white flour, then fried to make the shell crunchy.

Everest Beer is a local Nepali beer made with rice and is a cheap buy.

Yomari is a sweet dish prepared from rice dough and stuffed with a sweet paste made of coconut, sesame seeds and molasses. A spicy version made with lentil is also available.

Dhindho, Dhido or Dhido Thali is a staple diet of rural areas is a thick porridge prepared by boiling stone-ground cornmeal, buckwheat flour, millet flour with salt in water, and eaten with butter, vegetable curries, pickles, buttermilk and yoghurt.

Gundruk is a condiment or a side dish often accompanied by Dhido. Considered as the national food in Nepal, it is actually fermented or pickled green and leafy vegetables.

Gorkhali Lamb is one of the favourites of the Nepalese is essentially a curried dish prepared by slow-cooking lamb, potatoes, onions covered with a layer of spicy chilli mix giving it an intense flavour.

Juju Dhau, locally 'king curd' Juju Dhau is a creamy, thick and sweet yoghurt normally a dessert made with buffalo milk.

Chatamari, often referred to as a Nepali Pizza (though in appearance only) as its a rice flour crepe cooked with toppings including coriander, minced meat, eggs, chopped onions, chillies and a lot of spices.

Thukpa, a noodle soup is traditionally served in the mountains of Nepal during winters. Made with a variety of meats (goat, lamb, chicken or yak) and vegetables, often served with Momos.

Samay Baji is a primary dish in Nepalese food. A gourmet dish that has been passed on along generations, a platter containing barbecued buffalo meat, boiled egg, rice and spicy potato salad.

Choila, another from the Newari cuisine, made with water buffalo meat, though other variants include duck meat or goat meat. Hot and spicy savoury dish served with rice flakes.

Tongba, also known as 'Tibetan Hot Beer'. A traditional millet-based alcoholic drink often sipped warm from a cast like vessels using bamboo straws.