Expressions of Indic Spirituality

A series of short dialogues discussing spirituality within the Indian sub-Continent.


Individuals from time immemorial have been fascinated by India and what India offers. Deepak Singh is no different. He converses with personalities who have exemplified spirituality in the Indian sub-continent or have a deep knowledge of arts, sciences, medicine, architecture, textiles, cuisine & religion, subjects that are synonymous with the wealth of India.

This is a follow through of a definition of spirituality: “Spirituality is a domain of awareness” (Deepak Chopra). How does one become more spiritual? Become more aware of one’s domain, those who surround us, that what makes up the world, values of others, values important to others, different religions – essentially values handed down to us by our ancestors. This series of dialogues is to bring forth knowledge of the world, to make the less-aware, more-aware.


These short (15 to 30 minute) dialogues include:

Indian Classical Dance with Sandhya Manoj who is one of the leading Odissi Solo Dance Artiste in Malaysia. She learnt Odissi extensively under Gurus Geetha Shankaran, Durga Charan Ranbir and Ratikanth Mohapatra. Her renditions such as Radhe Radhe, Kaikeyi, Dasha Maha Vidya, Ardhanarishwara, have been staged internationally, including USA, New Zealand, Singapore & Bali. She recently premiered Padmanabha Daasa, a first time full production in Odissi. In 2020 she premiered “Prerna” which has autism as the subject with Odissi and Bharathanatyam showcasing the social issues faced. Her dance shows has been featured in leading newspapers and TV channels in Malaysia and India..

Spirituality and Sikhism with Joginder Singh. He is a retired corporate executive who has held a variety of senior leadership roles in multinational corporations. He truly is a global citizen, having lived and worked in different parts of the world for extended periods of time – India, England, USA, Canada, and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. As such, he has had extensive exposure to diverse cultures, communities, and faiths during his travels. Hear his excellent discussion about the origins and tenets about Sikhs and the Sikh religion.

Indias Impact on a Visitor with Adrianna Castelazo. Adrianna is a resident of Mexico who has travelled all over the world to the most exotic places. She has visited India more than 50 times, and continues to go back. She explains how deeply India hasimpacted her life, examples of spirituality encountered in day-to-day life, and how she uses lessons learnt to improves her life and relationships.

Ayurveda with Dr Claudia Welch. Dr Welch is a lifelong student of life in the form of Ayurveda and Oriental medicine. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, certified in Acupuncture and an instructor of Massage Therapy. She is author of many books, recipient of numerous awards and honours bestowed upon her from all over the world, lectured internationally and served on the teaching faculty of many major schools of traditional medicine (for Ayurveda and Oriental medicine) in the USA. Thus she brings forth a very rounded and profound knowledge of what today we call “ALTERNATIVE” medicine, but which I call “TRADITIONAL” medicine, as both Ayurveda and Oriental medicine predate our “current” medicine by thousands of years. Therefore, I dare to call what we practice today as “ALTERNATIVE” medicine!

Four Stages of Life with Vaidya Rama Prasad. At any given time, we are in one of the four stages of life as per the ancient Vedas, generally defined as (1) Student or “Brahmachari”, where the primary attributes are learning, (2) householder “Grihastha, where one is setting up a family, (3) forest dweller “Vanaprastha”, where we primarily start working with the community, and, (4) renouncer “sannyasi”, finding our true power and working with it. Vaidya Rama, an explorer of Vedic culture and philosophy explains these stages..

Upcoming Dialogues include:

Architecture of North India .

Architecture of Islam .