Driving in India: It has been said that many an Atheist has gone to India.   After having driven on the roads there, he has returned as a believer of God.   Which country, then, has a more powerful spiritual presence??!!

We are again reminded of what INDIA stands for, as my friend Jorge says:  If Needed, Divinity Is Available.  I wonder how often he was on the Indian roads!!

rk3a.JPG (50458 bytes)Many of the places we will be visiting, as called in the local parlance, are in the "interior" of the country, which means that there are no air or even train services, with the only access being by road. Consequently, we will be on the road for extensive periods of time, and you will experience Indian traffic which has its own unique attributes.

m1b.JPG (45338 bytes)Within the seemingly chaotic system, there are few accidents, due to an assimilation of self survival, slow speed (due to the pot holes and agricultural traffic on the road), extra defensive driving by the smaller vehicle (who will be hurt more than the bigger vehicle) and also extra defensive driving by the more expensive vehicle (who will have to pay the driver of the less expensive vehicle irrespective of whose fault it was).

All in all, a relatively safe, but unique and an unforgettable experience.