EVENT MANAGEMENT by Spiritual Journeys

Deepak Singh has been arranging conferences and events since the mid-1990s. During this period he has arranged more than sixty events in the USA, England and India where each event has attracted 200 to 750 individuals, and each being 3 to 8 days long. Some of the shorter events have had 2-3 speakers, whereas the general conferences have had many speakers with keynote lectures and break-out sessions. Normally breakfasts, lunches and dinners have been included though some events have excluded dinners.

In addition, we arrange Retreats which are very much more intimate with fewer guests and two or three speakers, held in small, secluded properties.

Spiritual Journeys offers complete Event Management services to those seeking to host or promote a conference, meeting or a single speaker event in India or the USA.

The services offered by Spiritual Journeys include:
Selection of Site: Hotel, ashram, green field site, conference center,
Contractual Responsibilities: All legal aspects of the conference between the promoter, venue and presenters,
Design of conference: Structure, breakout sessions,
Accommodation: On-site, off-site, prices, for guests, staff and speakers,
Travel: To and from the event, between the event and place of stay for guests, staff and speakers,
Meals: Selection of meals as a part of the conference, menu selection, alternative arrangements,
Speakers: Selection of speakers, liaison with speakers,
Audio/Visual: Requirements for the event, meeting speaker’s A/V requirements,
Tents: Arranging tents for the main event, dining, kitchen as required if using a green field site,
Interpretations Services: English-to-Foreign Language interpretations. Selection of interpreters and construction of sound proof booths as necessary, and,
Operations: Arranging a “Master of Ceremonies” to carry the event, welcome functions for the speakers, etc.

Events Managed as of Date:
USA: More than fifty 3 to 8 days long with 200 to 750 people in hotels and conference centers all over the country.
England: Two at the University of Oxford, each 8 days long, each for 250-300 people.
India: Seven events 3 to 8 days long with 300 to 650 people in hotels and ashrams all over the country, five of which were “green field” sites where tents were erected.
(Thailand: 8 day multi-hundred expected guest event, but was cancelled due to the terror attacks in 2001).

Client List is confidential, but we are prepared to share this on a "one-on-one" basis.

Information: E-mail Deepak Singh, Spiritual Journeys LLC, 262 Upland Road, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA. Ph: +1-508-358-4267.