Create Your Own Tour

Over more than ten years of our existance, we have packaged many exciting tours to fulfill a multitude of interests for hundreds of people who have gone to India or Thailand for the first time, or have been there and now have their own wish-list of places to go to and things to do. Review what we have packaged earlier allowing us to package the ideal tour for you.

We use English speaking tour-guides, though we can offer Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Portuguese speaking tour-guides. Some of the tours should be augmented by brief one-hour lectures on the religions and history covered during the tour.

River Cruises in India - Banks of some of the largest rivers in the world have been home to India's ancient civilizations through her 5,000 year old history. What better way to end your visit to India than to experience ancient India in your own ship, cruising the mighty rivers after you have toured the country, and relax after all your shopping, sightseeing and the milieu of her roads?

Judaic Tour in India – Tracing 2700 years of Judaic history in India, start in Bombay, visit all major centers of Judaism in India, visit Synagogues and meet Jewish leaders, and observe their unique customs and traditions and see historic sites important to Judaism;

Tantric and Yogini Temples Across North India - We will visit sites and important Tantra and the Yogini Temples. We will inter-space our travel with discussions on Different Religions in India, Hinduism and Tantra. These discussions will be preceded by a talk on each subject by an eloquent and knowledgeable expert chosen from our pre-selected panel of experts;

Chardham Tour - Visit India in the middle of summer!! Located in the lofty laps of Himalayas are India’s four most holy centres of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath - collectively the incredible Chardham. Visit them between May and July;

Goddesses, Elephants and Beaches of South India – South India has the most magnificient Hindu temples in the world, then end the tour with days of leisure in the carefree and glorious beaches of Goa;

The Buddha’s Journey – Centered around North India, visit the four most important sites for Buddhism – His birthplace, where He gained enlightenment, where He gave His first sermon, and where He left his physical body;

Spirituality and Religion Across North India - Highly recommended for the first time tourist. North India offers a variety of religions and experiences not seen anywhere in the World. Get exposed to Islam, The Bahá'í Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, amongst the major religions being practiced in India;

The Splendor and Temples of South India - Best for the second time visitor who has seen the North. Gorgeous predominantly Hindu temples, though important Judaic and Christian sites. And for leisure? What better than to spend a night in the serene and idyllic backwaters of Kerala;

A Journey of Forts and Palaces - For the second time visitor to India. Most gorgeous palaces, most resilient forts in the most bleak Thar desert. Spend a couple of nights in a camel camp, including safaris, in the solitude of the desert.

Temples of Thailand & Cambodia - An all encompassing tour of the most beautiful temples in Cambodia and Thailand. We will also visit the famous "Bridge on the River Kwai" area - one of the most poigant area in any of the tours of Spiritual Journeys.

Mt. Kailash Circumbulance & Manasarovar Lake Tour/Trek - Although the journey entails long rides by four wheel drive vehicles over Tibet’s great western plateau through a region inhabited by few wild animals, holy lakes and the occasional nomad, this tour involves a four day trek with yaks in the remotest part around Mt. Kailash and offers the most fascinating experience on the Roof of the World.

Allow us to package the dream tour for you. Let us have the following information:

* When you wish to go,
* How long do you wish to go for,
* How many traveling companions,
* Wish list of things you MUST visit,
* Wish list of things you MUST do,
* Things you would LIKE to do,
* Places you would LIKE to visit,and,
* Any other information you would like for us to know.

Then call us at 508-358-4267 or e-mail us.  We will organize your tour and look after you from the time you arrive in India to the time you leave India for your journey home, for your worry free travel.

Additionally, contact us to show you the benfits by your becoming a tour coordinator, irrespective of the number of people in your group.